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Boat Broker & Boat Storage In Salmon Bay Marina

Salmon Bay Marina is a 168-slip marina with covered and open slips in Seattle. The marina can accommodate boat lengths from 18 to 150 feet, with excellent turning radii between piers.

Moorage and Boat Sales in Seattle, WA

Our “Slip Map” has information on available moorage.

Our marina's docks are lighted and secure. Salmon Bay Marina offers freshwater moorage on the Lake Washington Federal Ship Canal minutes from the Government locks with parking for tenants and their guests. We also offer guest moorage, limited live-aboard space, kayak, boat, RV and trailer storage. Engine repair, boat yards and suppliers are adjacent to, or near the marina.

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Features and Services - what Salmon Bay Marina has to offer.

History - The Marina and owners (Draper Family) northwest history.

Staff - Salmon Bay Marina staff, experience, and expertise.

Nearby Businesses - Businesses near the marina that support our tenants. Nearby Businesses may or may not have a web site. Our Links page contains local and national boating links including northwest suppliers for the boating industry and government links like NOAA and the Government Locks.

History of Our Marina

Salmon Bay Marina and Salmon Bay Boat Sales are owned and operated by Draper Machine Works Incorporated. This closely-held corporation is owned by the Draper family.

The Drapers are Washington State Pioneers

The Draper family forefathers arrived in Washington Territory during the 1870s, with ties to Port Angeles, Neah Bay, and Seattle. The 1902 photo below, taken at the family’s homestead in Port Angeles, shows the first three generations of the Drapers in the Northwest. Included are Great-Great-Grandfather George Draper (who was called “Whitebeard” by the Native Americans), Great-Grandfather Charles Draper I, and his son, Grandfather Frank Draper, the youngest in the lower left (Charles David Draper II's father).

Draper Machine Works (previously named Draper Engine Works) was incorporated by Charles Draper I in 1917. It is a parent corporation to Salmon Bay Marina and Salmon Bay Boat Sales.

History of Salmon Bay Seattle Marina

Charles Draper II (Sr.) and his father Frank Draper purchased the marina property located in Seattle on the Lake Washington Ship Canal in 1945. They were the first to develop the lands on which the marina stands today. Charles Draper Sr. designed and completed construction of Salmon Bay Marina in 1961. (Original Advertisement)

Charles Draper Sr. designed large boat turning radii between the covered piers and constructed the slips for wide beam boats. His design also included heat vents and aluminum roofs for fire protection and condensation reduction. His foresight of slip design still provides slip sizes for today’s pleasure craft industry.

Recent improvements to the marina include:

In 2005, an extensive electrical upgrade that changed from the old 1962 - 20 Amp 110 VAC systems with standard wall plugs into modern electrical meters with twist lock 30 Amp and 50 Amp 110 VAC receptacles, Radio reading system to transmit electrical meter readings directly to the billing office.

In 2011, remodeling the Main Office, the Laundry and Shower facility, restrooms and foyer to restrooms. The remodel included providing a Natural Gas system for HVAC (heating ventilating and Air Conditioning) into the offices. Additional marina upgrades include updating the main water line to the Marina Piers, installing special Back-flow Prevention Valves to the marina water supply, installing a new sewer discharge system including alarms for pumping from the Main office into the City Sewer system, Contracting Engineering firm PND Engineering and environmental technical companies to evaluate and prepare for future dredging project. We painted the marina in 2013 and continue our maintenance for replacing deteriorated timber throughout the marina structure when necessary.

Future Plans include: Preparation for dredging “D” dock area to accommodate 150'+ Yachts, Permitting the site with Seattle's Department of Development (DPD) for future building expansions including additional infrastructures.

Draper Affiliate Companies

In 1987, Draper modified its machining and manufacturing operations to support only its affiliate organizations and property management companies. Those affiliate organizations include:

  • Salmon Bay Marina
  • Draper Golf Consulting L.L.C.
  • Draper Tree Farm L.L.C.
  • Draper Associates Partnership
  • Draper Yakima Buildings L.L.C.
  • Salmon Bay Boat Sales
  • Draper San Clemente L.L.C.
  • MED Consulting L.L.C
  • Draper Kasil of Enterprises L.L.C.

Salmon Bay Boat Sales began operations in 1989 with Marlee Draper Spencer, who is a daughter of Charles Draper II (Sr.) Salmon Bay Boat Sales is located on-site with Salmon Bay Marina and brokers Pleasure Yachts.

Corporate Officers & Family Members

Charles Draper II (Sr.) is Chairman of the Board of Draper Machine Works and his son, Charles Draper III (Jr.) is President and General Manager.

Heading the Draper clan are Charles Draper II (Sr.) and wife Mrs. Glee Draper. Their children: Kristine Draper Sproul, Charles Draper III (Jr.), and Marlee Draper. Blessed with 12 grandchildren: Kristine’s children (Jennifer Batton, David, Peter, Sarah, Kyle, Jacobb and Libby Sproul) - Charles Jr's children:Elizabeth (Libby), Alexandra, Christina, and "Charlie" Charles David Draper IV and Marlee Draper’s daughter Leslie Culbertson. Blessed again by Great Grandchildren of which there are 7 (soon to be 8) including: Miah, Spencer, Teijah, and Rocco (Children of Jennifer and Tom Batton) Gray and Rhodes (Children of Leslie and Sean Culbertson) as well as Nolan (son of David and Katie Sproul) .

Our Staff

The friendly Salmon Bay Marina and Boat Sales staff is experienced and ready to serve you. Our office is open from 8 am - 5 pm Monday through Saturday, Sundays - By Appointment

Leslie Campbell

Office Manager, Boat Broker, Licensed Auctioneer and Notary. On staff since 1993. Leslie is the person with the answers! She manages the office and updates tenants on marina activities. She also maintains all corporate and marina accounting procedures, coordinates boat slip changes, and knows what is going on at the marina. As a boat broker at the marina, Leslie also can facilitate efficient boat sale transactions.

E-mail: Leslie@salmonbaymarina.com

Elizabeth (Libby) Draper

Now, the Vice President and Director of Marketing of Draper Machine Works Inc. Boat Broker, Auctioneer & Notary Public

She has her BS in Business Management, and an MBA in Human Resources from Corban University. She is also a licensed Real Estate Broker with Keller Williams.

Libby has been with Salmon Bay Marina since 2007. Daughter of Charles Draper Jr., she sees this place as her family’s legacy. She is passionate about building community within the marina, and has been diligently working to increase occupancy and give the facility a fresh new look!

E-mail: Libby@salmonbaymarina.com

Charles Draper Jr.

General Manager, Boat Broker and Licensed Auctioneer. On staff since 1976

Like his Father and Grandfather, Charles attended University of Washington, where he received his Engineering Degree. He is General Manager of Salmon Bay Marina. Charles is also the President and Treasurer for Draper Machine Works Inc., owners of Salmon Bay Marina and Salmon Bay Boat Sales.