Periodically Salmon Bay Boat Sales has boat, vehicles and surplus auctions in Seattle. Boats range in size from row boats to Yachts. Vehicles include Class A & B RVs, 4X4s, trucks and trailers. Boats, vehicles and surplus are auctioned for many reasons: Bank repossessions, moorage or storage fees, or possibly the current owner needs quick cash without spending months or years of marketing. Some older boats have historic value or could be parted out for use by other boat enthusiasts. Other boats allow the purchaser to go boating in the Northwest without a huge monetary outlay. Some of the vehicle storage items include RV's, Trailers and various materials that persons have left in storage without paying.

Some boats and vehicles have a minimum reserve price, while others have no minimum bid price. All boat or vehicle sales transfer title or bill of sale to the successful bidder. Successful bidders have recognized the deals and purchased boats at below market prices. Those bidders continue to return to our auctions.

Our auction site is in Seattle, Washington next to Fisherman's Terminal on the south side of the Lake Washington Ship Canal. Most of the boats auctioned can be viewed on site.

Salmon Bay Marina is licensed for boat sales and auctions. For Boat or vehicle auctions in Seattle Bookmark for updated information.

Financing of Boat Purchases: Salmon Bay Marina does not provide financing for boat purchases however several local banks are available to help establish a line of credit prior to the auction. Banks may be able to provide home equity loans and / or boat loans. Each lending institution may differ in the loan interest rate, terms and conditions. All bidders must make provisions for financing prior to the auction.

Directions Boats + vehicles announced for auction are auctioned subject to prior sale. Please check this site regularly for more details.

For Salmon Bay Marina Auctioned bidding information and procedures visit our Boat Sales listings showing “Repossessed Boats.” In the event a boat owner furnishes 100% payoff of boat fees or charges due, the boat will be withdrawn from auction. Auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw any item from auction block.

Winning Bid is based on highest last recorded bid.

Bidders may place a bid at any time after being registered but before auction ending time. Absentee maximum bids accepted before Auction Start Time.

All bidders must register with office in person, E-mail, Fax OR Phone


***The Salmon Bay Marina Telephone Number is: 206.282.5555

***The Salmon Bay Marina E-Mail address is:

***The Salmon Bay Marina Fax Number is 206.282.8482

***The Salmon Bay Marina Physical Address is: 2100 W. Commodore Way

Auction Terms and Conditions for purchase can be found at Auction Terms and Conditions


Payment due by 4:00 pm day of Auction. There is a 10% Buyers Premium and Sales tax will be collected on all items purchased. Please see Auction Registration for complete terms and conditions. All items are "as is" no warranty implied.

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