Boat Sales For Live-Aboard Ships

Salmon Bay Marina has a limited number of live-aboard slips in Seattle. We have a waiting list for live-aboard status. Live-aboard slip sizes range from 30' - 50' Covered and up to 150' uncovered. The slips have 30 amp and 50 amp electrical power with 110 VAC. If your lifestyle includes living on-board please let us know. We may have slips available. The rates for the new slips can be found under rates. Effective December 2016.

A Tenant requires live-aboard status if they stay 16 nights or more aboard the vessel occupying a single assigned slip or berth during any one-month time period.

Upcoming live-aboard slips: Currently all of our Live-aboard moorage slips are leased. Live-aboard moorage is being re-evaluated in an effort to comply with the recent proposal of the Seattle Shoreline Master Plan (SMP). We anticipate having additional live-aboard moorage slips available as a newly revised Moorage Agreement is developed in order to comply with the City's requirements.

Call for status on our wait list.

Moorage rate is dependent on the slip length or boat length whichever is greater. A meter fee includes the first 100 KW of electricity.

One way to obtain a Seattle live-aboard slip is to purchase a boat that already has live-aboard moorage. Occasionally, believe it or not, live-aboards become land lovers or possibly have lifestyle changes that result in a desire to sell their boat. In this case, the seller allows the live-aboard slip to be released to the purchaser. Such sales must take place through Salmon Bay Boat Sales, our in-house boat brokerage.

Salmon Bay Marina Live-Aboard community is a discerning community. We are a family oriented marina. Tenants wishing to become part of the live-aboard community will be required to be interviewed and accepted by Salmon Bay Marina. Background checks and references will be requested.

Live-Aboard Boats for Sale in Seattle

Rates & Vacancies in Seattle, WA

Live-Aboard rates depend on the slip location, boat length or slip length.

The Moorage rate for live-aboard range from $15.04/ft./month to $18.06/ft./month depending on covered, open and electrical amperage required.

Visit our slip map page to identify the slips available.