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2013 Recap - Salmon Bay Marina applies for Permits. Since 2009, Salmon Bay Marina has been coordinating a dredging project with new floats and permits for upland structures. Permits have been submitted to the City of Seattle and other agencies including tribes for authority to make the expansions. Upon receiving the permits we will schedule dredging times. Those times are limited to when the Dept. of Fisheries will allow us to do work in the water and have yet to be determined.
Bulkhead Repair near "C" Dock entrance and Painting Marina. In 2013, we completed the bulkhead repair and asphalt repairs at "C" dock entrance. In an effort to keep our waters clean, the bulkhead repair included sleeving the old creosote pile with non-creosote steel material. This eliminates leaching of creosote into the waters. The repair included re-securing the bulkhead back into the parking lot, compacting fill and resurfacing next to the bulkhead. The Marina also has upgraded to new paint with gray tones. The walkways between the covered moorage houses also have received a coating of "Non-skid" to increase traction on wet days.
Office Remodel & Director of Marketing: For the past 45 years, we have worked from the same Marina Main Office space. Although we have not changed the office location, we have remodeled our office interior including insulation, gas heating system, Air Conditioning, interior tile and desk layout. The remodeling effort was coordinated by Elizabeth (Libby) Draper (Click for more info about Libby). She is our "Director of Marketing" and is bringing more enthusiasm and ideas to the Marina. If you see her, say HI. You will no doubt see great changes due to her efforts. She is working with Hearst Media Services to reach more great tenants and find our marina as their home away from home.
DVDs for rent in the office: We have started a DVD library in the office for those of you who get bored on-board. We also have small DVD players for the kids to watch if you want to keep the kids out of your hair while you enjoy working on your boat.
BY-BY Mill Foil: Salmon Bay Marina has contracted AquaTechnex Corporation to eradicate the Brazilian Elodea (looks like mill-foil to most of us). The "Brazilian Elodea" is most common in tropical aquariums. According to Adam Kelven an Aquatic Biologist, the arrival of the Brazilian elodea was a result of some unknowing aquarium owner dumping its contents into Lake Washington. Now we all have an overabundance of aquarium stuff under our boats. Salmon Bay Marina and AquaTechnex have been acquiring the appropriate permits and notifications to apply an herbicide specifically designed to affect only the Brazilian Elodea. The herbicide apparently does not harm wildlife or fish and is approved by the DOE and EPA. The window of application in the Lake Washington Ship Canal closes mid-April and opens in the fall. Salmon Bay Marina anticipates application at those times. The marina posts at its docks when treatment is taking place. This procedure will be a continuing effort by Salmon Bay Marina to provide its tenants a comfortable stay at Salmon Bay Marina.

New Tanks and Marina Office upgrade: In preparation for future boat pump-out facilities, Salmon Bay Marina has replaced its 50-year-old 40-Gallon effluent pump system with a 1,900-gallon tank and sophisticated electronic meter / alarm system behind the office. We were able to permit the new tank under "existing systems replacement." This only took us 9 months to get the permit. Permitting is still underway to accommodate restrooms in the Blue Warehouse in the parking lot. Unfortunately, due to the Shoreline Management Act, it may take up to 3 years in order to permit the pipe from the blue building to the new tank. Leave it to our City and State bureaucracy to delay progress. As time marches on, you will continue to see progress in the marina, albeit slow progress. Our improvements include: installing a new water lines from the City Street water meter to our marina bulkhead, a new water line to the office, replacement of the old style water meter with a city required electronic meter that confirms the flow to the docks, (purchased by the marina), a certified Reduced Back-flow Pressure Assembly (RBPA) valve assembly certified by the manufacture to the City of Seattle but one that requires additional annual inspections, and a "Hot Box" (An insulated box to hold all of the valves and water meters that will hopefully prevent any freezing of the new system).

The office remodel includes: eliminating the electric hot water heater with a new gas line for water on demand system (should eliminate running out of water in the showers and laundry), upgrading the foyer to the restrooms with tile, upgrading the restrooms with tile, upgrading the shower room/ laundry room with tile, installing solar tubes into the bath rooms and shower rooms for cost efficient lighting, installing sky lights into the office, Installing new gas line to the office building with HVAC (heating and ventilating into the office), tiling all of the office floors, plumbing water lines into a "break room" with a new sink and coffee pot location, preparing for greater coverage on a low voltage surveillance system within the marina, and insulating all of the walls within the office.

Free Coffee: For those of us who need a morning giddy-up, the marina office now has Free Coffee refreshment. Come on in and have a cup. Coffee serving may be varied while the office is being remodeled.
Waste Oil: We now are accepting waste oil for disposal. We have 1 gallon containers for non-contaminated waste oil from engines. Let us know how many jugs you need and we will furnish them to you for your use. Contact the office.
Goose Solution: Every year until this year (we hope), the Canadian Geese took over the waters between our piers. They tend to sleep and sun themselves on our docks leaving unsightly gooey deposits behind. We are now using the S.S. Minnow to herd the feathery flocks away from our docks. The boat, the S.S. Minnow, is a radio controlled boat that he operates in the water near the geese. The geese apparently do not like the intruder. Those pesky geese skedaddle out of the area when they see the mini ship coming.

Interview with God:

We received this interview copy from a friend, and it touched our hearts. We wanted to share it with our friends and clients. We hope it will shape your day and touch your heart as well. After entering the interview site please press "view presentation"

Boats, Slips, and Moorage Fees

One boat per slip! Salmon Bay Marina Moorage slip fees are based on the overall boat length or slip length. If more than one boat is floating in a slip, then the slip fee is the combined total of all boat lengths in the slip, regardless if the boats are side by side, beneath the bow, or at the stern. The marina office will be sending billing to tenants who are mooring more than one boat in their slip.

Tenders, kayaks and dinghies, etc. can be placed on board tenant's vessel to reduce slip fees. Moorage fees are not assessed for tenders stored on board that do not add to the overall length of the tenants registered boat.

We are making provisions in the new storage area for dinghies, Kayaks and tenders. For storage rates in the new area, please contact the marina office.

The Web Site Updated Regularly

Salmon Bay Marina's Web site has added many features:

  • increase communication,
  • highlight important activities,
  • driving directions for family and friends.
  • a Reciprocal Links Page for boat oriented postings Links
  • several interesting links including boat maintenance and repair tips, boat handling tips, local tidal information etc. For information visit Links.

Boats for Sale - Are you in the market for a different boat? It is now easy to view our brokerage boats on line. We have several new listings. The information includes photos, specification sheets and asking price.
Brokerage Boats.

The Perfect Spot at Salmon Bay Marina

Are you anticipating the purchase of a different boat and wish to know what slips might be available? Do you have close friends at Salmon Bay Marina and desire to be near each other? Visit slip availability on our web site to see what might be possible. You can also see a slip map of the marina with slip locations displayed. Tenants can now use the slip map to show friends exactly where their slip is. Existing tenants at Salmon Bay always have priority in slip selection.


Tenant Materials on Docks and Walkways and NO-Smoking on the Docks:

The City of Seattle Fire Department is on the warpath. Some of the issues relate to materials being stored on the docks and finger piers and smoking habits of tenants. Walkways must be kept clear. If it is not part of the dock, please remove the materials and place them onboard or in your car. Salmon Bay Marina has storage lockers for lease for nominal fees near the entry of B Dock and C Dock. If you need a storage locker please contact our office. Be aware that foreign materials left on the docks and walkways will be removed and disposed of. The Fire department requests that the dry standpipe valves on piers be maintained in the closed position. In addition tenants will no longer be allowed to smoke on the piers so please do not "light up" on the piers.

Pets On Leash?

We look forward to our tenants frequently visiting their boats. To reduce potential injury or frustration, we must remind persons having pets to be sure their pet is on a leash when on marina property. This is important. Pets generally do not know when to get out of the way of humans. Children can become frightened and be pushed off the docks. Children may try to avoid a pet in the parking lot, resulting in the child placing themselves in harm's way. It is very important to clean up after your pet. Owners must clean up after their pets if the pet is using the parking lot or grass areas adjacent to the parking lot. Our marina staff regularly mows the grass and picks up debris. Stepping on feces and having to clean up is not fun. Tenants not following the leash rules or clean up rules may result in having their pet banned from the Marina. Please be sure your pet is on leash when away from your boat.

Bird Feeding

We know it is fun to feed the ducks and geese that swim around the boats. Feeding the birds results in the birds frequenting the parking lot and dock surfaces. The birds are not potty trained and as a result do cause a mess. The mess gets on tenants' shoes and is tracked onto docks and into boats. Let's try and keep the carpets in the boats clean by not encouraging the birds to stick around. Please do not feed the birds. - Thanks.


Salmon Bay Marina is concerned about tenant privacy. Therefore, we will not release tenant information without permission. Several tenants have expressed a desire to have their slip location and contact information available to their family and friends. We are still looking for input on developing a "Marina Tenant Roster" for those who would choose to be included. We welcome our tenant's input on this idea. Send us an e-mail with your comments at, or stop by at the office.