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FAQ - Boat Slips, Moorage, and Storage.

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Question: Are there specific requirements for mooring at Salmon Bay Marina?

Answer: Yes. All tenants must complete a Moorage Agreement and have boat-Yacht and hull insurance including pollution coverage. In lieu of hull insurance the marina is accepting wreck removal insurance.

Question: Do you have “Guest moorage?”

Answer: Yes. Guest Moorage is available. From time to time, we also will use our service dock for Guest Moorage.

Question: What are the rules and regulations of the Marina?

Answer: Our tenants are provided a Rules and Regulations sheet when taking a slip. The Rules and Regulations are straightforward.

Question: What electrical capacities do slips have?

Answer: We recently re-wired the whole marina. We now have available capacities of 30 amp and 50 amp 110 VAC electrical power to all slips. Our bulkhead slips on A Dock and on pier ends of A, B and C docks have 110 VAC and 220 VAC single phase available. We request to be notified of your requirements.

Question: Do you have any pump-out facilities?

Answer: No. However, we do have plans for one in the future. In the meantime, two “Sani-Tugs” visit regularly and service many of our tenants.

Question: What determines a live-aboard?

Answer: We believe people should be able to use their boating investments. We therefore allow tenants to stay aboard their boats a maximum of 15 nights per month before being considered a live-aboard.

Question: Can anyone be a live-aboard at Salmon Bay Marina?

Answer: No. Unfortunately not everyone can live aboard at Salmon Bay Marina. We have designated specific slips that are strategically located throughout the marina as live-aboard slips. The slip designations were made for many reasons, including security, electrical capacity utilization, and traffic patterns for people and vehicles.

Question: Can I have my pet at the marina?

Answer: Yes. Pets are welcome here at Salmon Bay. We do require owners to clean up after their pets. When pets are on the docks, in the parking lot, or near the Marina Property, they must be on a leash held by the owner.

Question: How long is the moorage contract for and can I terminate my moorage agreement any time I want to?

Answer: The Moorage Agreement is month to month. Payment for first and last month moorage is required at the time of signing the agreement. The first month is pro-rated based on the time of occupancy and therefore the effective date moorage fees are due is the first of each month. Tenants may submit for slip termination 30 days or more before the end of any month. This allows the Marina to plan one full month in advance for slip advertising. Periodically we will have Moorage specials for longer term rents. Special deals will be listed on our rates page.

Question: Do you send regular billing statements?

Answer: No. To keep costs down and subsequent moorage fee increases low, statements are not sent out regularly. Rents are due on the first of the month, and delinquent on the eleventh. Late rent payments are subject to a $0.50 per foot service/finance charge. Should excess electrical fees or other charges accrue, you may receive a separate bill.

Question: Can I sublet my slip?

Answer: Yes. Subletting is possible. Salmon Bay Marina has a sublet program. From time to time, people from other areas wish to visit Seattle or require moorage until another slip becomes available. We try to connect those persons with tenants wishing to sublet their slips. A 15% fee is assessed for subletting. We do not allow any boat to moor at Salmon Bay Marina without a signed moorage agreement.

Question: What provisions exist for loading my boat?

Answer: Salmon Bay Marina provides community dock carts for transporting materials from the parking lot to a tenant’s boat. Many tenants who provision their boats for long trips find it convenient to bring their boats to the service dock for loading.

Service Dock Usage & Boat Repairs

Question: Where is the service dock and what do I need to do to use it?

Answer: Our 60-foot service dock is located directly in front of the marina office. It is available to all tenants without fee, subject to availability. The office has a sign-up sheet displayed in the front office window. Tenants are encouraged to document when they wish to use the service dock. If no one is signed up, the dock is available for immediate use. We request our tenants to limit their time to two hours when the service dock is in great demand.

Question: Can I work on my boat while it is moored at the marina?

Answer: Yes. Tenants can maintain or upgrade their boats at Salmon Bay Marina, but only to a point. Work inside the boat is unrestricted as long as nothing leaves the boat and the work being done is not considered “boat yard work.” Exterior boat work must be limited to minor repairs and bright work. Work that may leave a sheen or debris on or in the water, or dust flying into the air, is not acceptable.

Question: Can I use the service dock for exterior repairs on my boat?

Answer: Yes. The service dock is available for minor repairs and bright work. Work that may leave a sheen or debris on or in the water, or dust flying into the air, is not acceptable. Salmon Bay Marina is not a boatyard and extensive repair work therefore is not appropriate. Nearby facilities can haul-out and make repairs.


Question: Is parking restricted in the parking lot?

Answer: Yes. Parking is restricted to a point. To keep track of our tenants' vehicles and reduce the potential of unauthorized vehicles, each tenant is issued one vehicle parking permit. The permit may be registered to multiple vehicles, and has a refundable deposit. Tenants may park in any vehicle parking space that is not a fire tow-away zone or driving lane.

Question: I have two vehicles. Can I obtain two parking permits?

Answer: Yes. You can acquire a second permit. Although we have over an acre of parking, our lot can fill up at times. As a result, we must charge a fee for a second permit. Tenants wishing a second parking permit may obtain one from the office. The permit fee will exceed $145.00 per month for each additional permit. We suggest our tenants keep parking permits on their boat until arriving at the marina, and then transfer the permit to the appropriate registered vehicle.

Question: What if I occasionally want to bring a second vehicle or have guests visit my boat. Where does additional parking exist?

Answer: We have daily parking vouchers in the office. The voucher may require a fee if tenants and guests fill the parking lot. The voucher system has worked well. We have charged the fee very infrequently. Our tenants understand our limited parking during major boating days. Many of our tenants ask their guests to park on the adjacent streets or to car pool on days like “Opening Day” for boating season or holidays. During the holidays, the streets usually are not occupied and parking is plentiful.

Question: I have a trailer for my boat. Can the marina store it for me?

Answer: Yes. Salmon Bay Marina has trailer storage. Our site has a fenced asphalted area adjacent to our parking lot. Fees are dependent on the square foot. Spaces sizes range from 10' X 20' to 10' X 50'.

Question: I have a recreational vehicle. Can I park it in the storage area?

Answer: Yes, RVs and Trailers are allowed to be parked within the adjacent fenced area. The area is only for storage. Seattle Zone restrictions prohibit staying in the RVs. The storage area has stalls ranging from 30 feet to 50 feet in length. The monthly rental price is based upon the stall size.

Question: I have a boat and car to store. Do you have storage available?

Answer: Yes, Boats, Cars, and general outdoor storage is available within the fenced area. It is important that no fluids leak from vehicles. Large boats that require shoring and need to be blocked require a $2,000.00 refundable deposit in the event additional expenses accrue.

Question: I would like to make repairs to my boat while it is stored?

Answer: Repairs to boats and vehicles are limited to inside work or minor bright work/polishing outside only. We are not a "boat yard" or wrecking yard and therefore cannot allow those type of activities. Work performed inside a boat does not follow the "Boat Yard Classification." Work inside boats do not require special permits since all repair materials are contained within the vessel.


Question: How secure is Salmon Bay Marina?

Answer: Salmon Bay Marina is a quiet marina. To date, we have had little problem with theft. We have security gates on all piers. The docks and parking lot are well lit. We also are fortunate to have a limited number of Live-Aboards strategically located on each pier who keep an eye on the property. We do suggest that you secure vehicles while in the parking lot, and take normal precautions with valuables aboard boats.

Question: What special security do you have?

Answer: The Marina uses special magnetic keys for the docks called core keys. To help keep your boats safe, your magnetic core key will open only your slip dock gate and the restrooms. It will not open any other gates or the shower/laundry room. Separate keys are needed for each dock and the shower/laundry room.

Question: The Marina Moorage Agreement indicates that marina personnel may board any boat at the marina. I am very particular about who boards my boat. Can you make exceptions?

Answer: No. Unfortunately, we will not make exceptions. We have many reasons to include this article in the Moorage Agreement. Our staff walks the docks regularly. We try to prevent or limit damage to boats and marina structures. For example, if we notice a boat low in the water, we will investigate. The Ship Canal water surface also changes elevations. The elevation change causes fenders to be at wrong locations for boats and dock protection. The boat securing lines also may become excessively loose or tight. Our staff may remedy these and other issues by taking action. Our actions benefit our tenants and protect the marina structures.

Boat Sales by Tenant & Brokerage

Question: Can I sell my own boat without going through Salmon Bay Boat Sales?

Answer: Yes. Tenants may sell their own boats without going through Salmon Bay Boat Sales. The marina does not allow other boat brokers on the docks without a “Co-Broker Agreement.” Only Salmon Bay Boat Sales “for sale” signs may be displayed on boats in the marina. If Salmon Bay Boat Sales is not involved in marketing the boat, the tenant selling the boat must be at the marina during any showing and be responsible for completing the legal requirements for the sales transaction. If the boat is sold by the tenant, the slip may be transferred to the new owner subject to a transfer fee.

Question: Will the marina allow prospective purchasers onto the docks to see my boat when I am not there?

Answer: No. Salmon Bay Marina will not allow unattended guests to wander its docks. We suggest listing boats with Salmon Bay Boat Sales for the best results in showing a boat. Salmon Bay Boat Sales would be pleased to list your boat for sale and subsequently show your boat to prospective purchasers.

Question: If I sell my own boat, can I transfer the slip to the new owner along with the boat?

Answer: Yes. A slip can be transferred to a new owner for a fee (Transfer Fee). Tenants must make arrangements with the Marina Office for a slip transfer to the new owner. The “Transfer Fee” is 10% of the boat sale price or $1,000.00 whichever is greater.

Question: What are the advantages of selling my boat through Salmon Bay Boat Sales?

Answer: Boats sold through Salmon Bay Boat Sales can transfer the slip location without paying the marina “Transfer Fee.” In addition, Salmon Bay Boat Sales will advertise the boat, be available to show the boat to prospective buyers, help schedule survey and haul out, and help complete the necessary paperwork and filing with the State of Washington licensing department when the boat is sold. Salmon Bay Boat Sales already has established a special separate escrow account for keeping sales funds separate from other transactions.

Question: How much will Salmon Bay Boat Sales charge for selling or marketing a boat?

Answer: Expenses are incurred for advertising, insurance, employee time, office expenses including telephone, fax, e-mail, copies, and general overall marketing by Salmon Bay Boat Sales. The standard marketing fee is 10% of the boat sale price or $1,000.00, whichever is greater.

Question: What if I want to sell my boat but I want to keep my slip for another boat?

Answer: Slips at Salmon Bay Marina are let to the tenant and not to the boat. If a tenant sells his boat himself or through Salmon Bay Boat Sales, the tenant can keep his slip. No slip transfer fee would be due. Salmon Bay Marina requires a specification sheet and proof of insurance on any boat placed into the slip. If the boat is sold through Salmon Bay Boat Sales, we will try to relocate the boat purchaser and the newly acquired boat into another slip at the marina.

Question: How long will it take to sell my boat?

Answer: This is a difficult question. We have completed some boat sales within a few days, while others take many months. Click here to see some of the boats that have been sold recently. (These boats will appear in a new window. Close the window to return to this Q & A page.) Better-cared for boats generally are easier to sell. Our Internet advertising has proven popular and we do receive many inquiries.

Question: Who determines the asking price of my boat?

Answer: The marina yacht brokerage always allows sellers to establish their asking price. We can make recommendations about the market and explain what the published “Buc Book” (blue book for boats) indicates. Some sellers wish to incorporate existing finance fees into the boat sale price.

Our job is to sell the merits of the boat and be truthful with our clients, be they sellers or purchasers. We want to keep both our buyers and sellers satisfied as this is the way we build long-term relationships.

Question: Can people view a new boat that I bought at Salmon Bay Boat Sales? I want my family and friends to see it.

Answer: Yes. Once the boat is sold and fees are paid, the price is removed and the boat information is transferred to the page of recently sold boats. Invite your family and friends to see it at http:/www.salmonbaymarina.com/recently-sold.