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Boat Storage & Marinas in Seattle, WA

Outdoor storage and RV parking- We discovered our tenants and others in Seattle appreciate a secure place adjacent to the marina to store their boat trailers, a kayak or even their RV. Salmon Bay Marina provides Kayak and Paddle Board storage racks and convenient parking / storage space for RV's and trailers. Storage spaces are 10' wide and from 20' to 50' in length. The storage area is inside a fenced asphalt surface enclosure separate from, but adjacent to the Marina. Access to the parking area is available through the special keyed man gate 24 - 7. The large double gate is accessible only during office hours or when other arrangements are made through the office. Office holidays may be found at OFFICE HOURS. The monthly rent rates range from $106.48/ month to $266.20/ month depending on square foot coverage (subject to change). Daily rates are available at $1.25/ft. + SST.

Current available RV, Auto, Boat, Trailer storage spaces:

Space NumberNominal LengthWidthArea TotalMonthly FeeDate Available

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We are conveniently located in Seattle, near Queen Anne, Magnolia, and Ballard. Visit Contact Us for directions. For more information call 206.282.5555, or e-mail - info@salmonbaymarina.com